Meeting Minutes

Louisiana High School Speech League

Fall Coaches Meeting

Teurlings Catholic High School

August 27, 2022


I. Welcome

A. Introduction of Executive Council Members - 9:00am

II. Members in Attendance

Southside High School

Teurlings Catholic High School

Bogalusa High School

Lafayette High School

Ascension Episcopal School

Caddo Magnet High School

Baton Rouge Magnet High School

Abbeville High School

Comeaux High School

Parkway High School

St. Thomas More

Northwood High School

Northwood High School

Benjamin Franklin High School

Capt Shreve High School

St. Mary's Dominican High School

Holy Cross School

Episcopal High School of Baton Rouge

David Thibodaux STEM Magnet Academy

Kaplan High School

Isidore Newman School



St. Martin's Episcopal School




III. Old Business

  1. National Tournament Reports

    1. Lafayette CFL - Scot Johnston – 9:14am

      1. result from nationals

      2. membership information

    2. New Orleans CFL – 9:18 am

      1. Thursday Sept 8th informational meeting

    3. NSDA — 9:20 am

      1. membership information

      2. nationals results

  2. Committee Reports – 9:27am

    1. Implementation of Novice and Varsity Speech Divisions

      1. previously JR/SR based on grade level rather than experience

      2. this year will switch to Novice division for speech events

      3. Qualifications for moving from novice to advanced

        1. Debate experience will not qualify as speech experience and vice versa.

        2. Speech novice eligibility is retained for a minimum or 2 semesters and maximum of 4 semesters. students who qualify for state in semesters 3 and/or 4 would move to varsity division

        3. Debate novice eligibility is retained for 1 year. a year is defined as 10 rounds. Students who compete in less than 10 rounds may compete in novice the following year until they qualify for state at which point they move to the varsity division for the future.

        4. Moved to vote for motion - 10:00 am

          1. 20 in favor

          2. Motion passes 20-0-1

      4. Motion to add novice divisions to state tournament - 10:02am

        1. seconded

        2. all in favor - 23 in favor

        3. motion passes

    2. Progress of Public Relations Committee - 10:05am

      1. Emails were sent out over the summer to 130+ schools to notify principals of speech and debate programs.

IV. New Business

  1. Future of Duet Acting as an Event- 10:08am

    1. Jacob Simon - pulls from an already small pool of kids. Not translatable to college or national high school organizations.

    2. Scott Johnstone - tournament directors can put it on their schedule, but that state will not host the event for state competition.

    3. Jacob Ledger - move Duo to collegiate system? partnership rather than individual entry – move to committee sprig issue

    4. Motion to eliminate Duet from state sanctioned events - Simon —- 10:15am

      1. seconded

      2. in favor - 22

      3. none opposed

      4. motions passes

  2. Raising Tournament Entry Fees - 10:17am

    1. current fee is $6 per event

    2. schools can currently charge more if they include the raise in price their tournament notification form

    3. Johnstone - proposal to raise to $10/person. can be incrementally raised over the course of 4 years.

    4. Masey - proposal to raise the league fee and then give stipends to schools who run tournaments

    5. Greg – Motion to table fees discussion —10:35

      1. 23 in favor - passes

    6. greg - motion form a committee to get data on tournament costs and the best way to solve the problem

      1. passes voice vote

      2. volunteers

        1. jacob

        2. jacob

        3. scott

        4. chris

  3. Tournament Schedule 2022-2023

    1. will be uploaded to website

  4. Tournament of Champions 2023

    1. March 23-25

V. Announcements

  1. Reminders

    1. All LHSSL dues and paperwork to Kasi McCartney by September 12, 2022

    2. Congressional Debate legislation

Meeting Adjourns at 10:55am